1970 Bolwell Nagari

This red 1970 Bolwell Nagari is owned by Gary Allen. It's fitted with 351 power, racing seats and roll cage. Like all Nagaris, it's fitted with a single piece all fiber glass body. Only 127 of these Nagari coupes where ever produced, along with 13 of the very rare convertible. (According to the Bolwell Car Club's figures) Due to the massive size of the engine and transmission, the interior is somewhat cramped. In fact, the foot wells are so small and the pedals so close together that you are constantly in danger of pushing all three at once with one foot! The engine bay is nicely filled with a ford 351 big block with shaker hood. Apart from the Bolwell heads, this is the engine used in most V8 fords of the '60s and '70s.


For further information on Bolwell cars, see the official Bolwell car club website

LMCT 9514

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