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UPDATED 8/6/04

US model 260Z 2+2
US model 260Z 2 str
We have been unable to find a cut away drawing of the 260Z as yet, but would like to include one. If you have one or know where to get one, please contact us.

The 260Z was little changed from the 240Z which it replaced in 1974. The main difference being the introduction of the 2.6 liter L26 engine. The L26 became necessary, as the 240 was suffering at the hands of US emission restrictions, which had caused it's power output to go down each year. The other big change was the introduction of the 2+2 version, with four seats (albeit very cramped in the rear). The 2+2 was popular, but the necessity of fitting a rear seat meant that it lost some of the crispness of the original 2str design. In the US, the carburetors required to meet emissions controls proved temperamental. The 260 was sold for only one year in the US, being replaced by the 280Z (basically a 260Z with an injected L-28 engine) as power had been so badly reduced by emmissions controls. The 260Z was still sold everywhere else up till 1978, when it was replaced by the 280ZX. Non-US 260 carburetors proved much less troublesome, but where still temperamental. The 260 continued further down the path to becoming a GT rather than a sports car, with many modifications resulting in a more comfortable, better riding car.

The range of wheels and wheel covers for the 260Z
Engine: In line six
Construction: Cast-iron block, alloy head
Crankshaft: Seven-bearing
Bore X Stroke: 83.0mm X 70.0mm
Capacity: 2565cc
Valves: Single over head camshaft
Compression ratio: 8.3:1
Fuel system: Mechanical fuel pump, twin Hitachi HMB 46W 1.75in SU-type carburetors
Maximum power: 162bhp at 5600rpm
Maximum Torque 152lb ft at 4400rmp
Transmission: Five speed manual or optional 3 speed auto
Final Drive ratio: 3.7:1
Top gear 1000rpm 23.6mph
Brakes: 10.7in discs front, 9 X 1.6in drums rear, servo assisted.
Front suspension: Independent with MacPherson struts, lower wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension: Independent with MacPherson struts, lower wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers
Steering: Rack and Pinion, 2.7 turns lock to lock
Wheels/tyres: 4.5J-14 steel wheels with 175 SR 14 tyres
Wheelbase: 90.7in(2str)/102.6in (2+2)
Length: 162.8in (2str) / 175.0in (2+2),
Width: 64.1in (2str)/65.5in (2+2)
Dry weight: 2425lb (2str),/2630lb (2+2)
0-60mph 8.0sec
Top speed: 127mph
Max speed in gears:
Typical fuel consumption:
The specifications given are for Australian delivered 260Zs. Australia receievd European specification cars. US delivered 260s where slightly larger as a result of Federaly required bumpers, and slightly less powerful due to emmisions controls.
The 260Z used Hitachi HMB 46W carburetors, as the carburetors used on the 240Z could not handle US emissions control restrictions. The 260Z's carburetors where always much more troublesome, causing flat-spots and vaporization problems. The HMB 46W carburetors could not be sufficiently tuned to meet newer US restrictions, and power was decreasing anyway, so the 260Z was replaced by the fuel injected American market only 280Z after one year on sale in the US. Outside the US, the 260Z's carburetors are not quite as troublesome, but still not ideal. Many owners choose to replace them with those from the 240Z.

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